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River Tall Community Group Presents the brilliant new musical | drama ‘Blood Upon The Rose’ [written and directed by Gerry Cunningham]. It tells the tragic love story of Grace Gifford and Joseph Plunkett set against the background of the Easter Rising in Dublin 1916. Their courtship, marriage in jail and his execution the following morning are brought to life in this compelling and absorbing production.The drama sets out Joseph’s part in the rising, his relationships with Pearse, McDonagh, Clarke, Connolly and other leaders of the rebellion and his marriage to Grace in a dark candle-lit chapel in Kilmainham jail the night before his execution.The haunting lyrics and melody of ‘Blood Upon The Rose’ alongside ‘Let The Nation Rise’ and ‘Be My Hope’ set the tone for this enthralling musical | drama.Presented by one of Northern Ireland’s leading amateur theatre companies.